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Pharmacies in Manchester

Manchester pharmacies and chemists

Manchester medicinesPharmacies (also called chemists) are very important part of health care system in Manchester. Pharmacist are professionals qualified in medicines, generally they fill prescriptions but with their practical knowledge they can also provide a lot of valuable informations about medicines for patients from Manchester area. 

Pharmacies do not sell only medications, the offer also a range of health and beauty products, also herbal remedies and natural medicines.

Community pharmacies vs hospital pharmacies.

Hospital pharmacies prepare and dispense medications to patients treated in the hospital and they are not so accessible.
Community chemists are open for general public and they can be found nearly on every high street in Manchester. Community pharmacists usually have better and long-term relationships with patients. Normally you cun just walk into any community pharmacy and ask to see with pharmacist without any appointment.

Studying pharmacy in Manchester

Only registered pharmacists can work in the NHS. To be able to register with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain they need a degree from school of pharmacy which has been accepted by General Pharmaecutical Council.

In Manchester area, pharmacy course is offered by The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences(4 years MPharm course).

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